10 Pcs Finger Massager Rings and 2 Pcs Rolling Hand Massager Set for Relieving Stress Relaxing Overworked Fingers Toes Promote Blood Circulation


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  • 2. 10 pieces of massage Rings will provide relief by applying pressure to certain points on the body and thereby releasing tension. If you liked the idea behind fidget spinning and cube clicking sensory toys but hated their noisy, rattling overall design, then you are about to really love our sensorial stress relief fidget rings set.
  • 5.A MUST FOR: musicians, computer users, gamers, climbers, tennis players, gymnasts, artists, athletes and for other general use. Portable and great to keep in your bag, car, office or travel.BECAUSE YOU DESERVE BETTER! Make a thoughtful gift to yourself and your loved ones.
  • 3.Promote circulation and stimulate key pressure points, Hand Circulation Finger Massage to Migraine Headache Relief, Blood Circulation, Stress Alleviation.The finger massagers rolling tool is the most cost effective way to get a massage and relieve the pain in your hands.
  • 4. There is no easier way to get rid of your pain than with our hand massage & finger massager. Simply choose which side you would like to use and roll for a couple minutes or until there is a sense of pain relief!
  • 1. Use the 2 finger massagers to calm affects of arthritis, reduce stiffness, increase circulation, and ease joint pain and migraine headache relief in the fingers. You can also use the tool as a hand massager for arthritis, reduce stiffness, and ease pain.

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yourself and your loved ones. 描述: New massager Name: Fingers Massager
Material: Acupressure massage ring is made of metal ,Finger Roller Massager is made of rubber and plastic.
Quantity: 10 pcs massage rings +2 pcs Rubber Finger Roller Massagers
Features: Based on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture techniques, enhances blood circulation, brain activity and sense of touch. An easy and relaxing way to soothe your tired fingers after a long day.
Application: therapy ring can be used while you work on computer or after driving a car; Finger Roller Massager have Cambered roller design, suitable for any part of the hand. promote blood circulation. Treat yourself to an invigorating massage.
Fit for: Therapy for Painful Fingers The Finger Care System treats arthritic joints, diabetic numbness and carpal tunnel. Just roll either or both devices back and forth to stimulate the nerves and relieve finger discomfort.
The handhold massager other side with massage double rubber, applies pressure to Individual fingers stimulating blood flow while rolling out stiffness; Just roll either or both devices back and forth to stimulate the nerves and relieve finger discomfort.
1, Natural Headache and Tension Relief;
2, Promote blood circulation, eliminate hand fatigue, relieve joint pain;
3, Hand roller Massage hand-related points on the long-term computer operation led to lack of energy, hand numbness, joint pain, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms can play an effective mitigation;
4, Hand beauty products, so that more slender fingers, hand skin smooth and flexible; 5, Be free to control the massage intensity according to the degree of personal comfort, reasonable efforts output, effectively replace manual massage, fingers more easily.
1, The massage time should not be too long, each massage is 3 minutes, 1-2

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